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julie lefeuvre photographer vancouver island
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ANIMALS LOVER · northwest french girl · WILDLIFE · vegie


All started when, as a child, I played at sticking my parents' film camera to my eye, pretending to photograph what surrounded me. I liked to see life through the lens and look for interesting compositions around me. When I was 19, I naturally turned to a school specializing in photography in France. With this learning and 5 years spent with another professional photographer, I decided to offer my services by taking care of my clients from A to Z. Working alone gives me complete freedom as to the artistic direction of my activity.

What I love in photography is the notion of chance and authenticity. I like to capture people as they are spontaneously. Over the weddings, I learned to anticipate in order to capture natural and important moments, to be in the right place at the right time. For couples, I am a referent person who is at their side throughout this busy day

      Native of northwestern France, I chose to settle in Canada after falling in love with it after a trip. Discovering a different culture and different people enriches me but in the end my work is the same: sincere emotions are universal.

julie lefeuvre photographer vancouver island

I would be happy to discuss with you about your projet and to answer your questions :)

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